Our partners

EIC Accelerator Programme

The EIC Accelerator (SME Instrument) is part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot. It will support high-potential enterprises (mainly small and medium-sized - SMEs), with financing as well as coaching and mentoring, to develop and bring to market new products, services and business models that could drive economic growth, filling the market gap by support innovation considered ‘high-risk’ for private investors. It is complemented by the EIC Pathfinder pilot, which supports advanced technologies/early-stage innovation. The EIC Fast Track to Innovation will continue to offer support for consortia including SMEs and industrial players. Together these instruments of the EIC cover the entire innovation chain.

Bulgarian Bussines Forums

The Bulgarian Business Forums start like informal group in 2011 in Varna. After three active year work that informal group grows to non-profit organization Bulgarian Business Forums that was founded in 2014 and is based in Varna, Bulgaria. Bulgarian Business Forums is with more than 9 years of experience already. The Bulgarian Business Forums is a nonprofit organization that encourages an innovative and creative business thinking and entrepreneurship. The organization developed a sustainable environment for the exchange of successful business models, experience and good practices between proven entrepreneurs and Startups in Europe, USA, Canada and Bulgaria. At a political level, Bulgarian Business Forums works in collaboration with the biggest municipalities in Bulgaria, the Ministry of Economics, the Presidency of Bulgaria and the European Commission.

Cluster Transilvania IT

ARIES Transilvania created in 2013 the cluster Transilvania IT, which started its activities providing technical and soft-skills training for employees of member companies and creating a base of knowledge and trainers for the implementation of collaborative projects in the human resources field. The over 100 member companies of Transilvania IT cluster by ARIES have together over 5.500 employees and a turnover over 200 million euros.

European Startup Association

Hi, we are Adriano and Christine from the European Startup Association which is a growing community devoted to explore innovative approaches to entrepreneurship as a way of life. We know that a successful start-up is not only dependent on investment but on your network, knowledge and your team. This is why we are creating a European community that is based on 3Cs (culture, collaboration and creativity) – involving all stakeholders: start-ups, investors, public and private agencies, cities, accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces and universities. Our mission is to create a functional, border less, cooperative European Startup Ecosystem to exceed the territorial limits, boost your international business opportunities, and share knowledge and experiences. We all have to work together! We can maximize our impact on richness and well-being with collaboration and kindness! The European Startup Festival is the celebration of our community, a joyful and human-centered event that will take place once a year in different countries across Europe. But this is not enough! With our Pitching Matches we help you to meet investors throughout the year to build your network. With our round table discussions we connect the different stakeholders to learn from each other how to collaborate to grow, creating new European projects and face new challenges. We are currently working on a digital platform that will enable the community to work together throughout the year.

Mind the Bridge

Mind the Bridge is a global organization that provides Innovation advisory services for corporates and startups. Based in Silicon Valley, with offices in San Francisco, London, Italy and Spain, since 2007 we have been working as an international bridge at the intersection between Startups and Corporations. MTB was established in 2007 by then Googler, Marco Marinucci. Marco now serves as the company’s CEO with Italian university Professor Alberto Onetti as its chairman. We believe there is societal value in embracing the principles of entrepreneurship as a key accelerator of economies.


Nesta is an innovation foundation. For us, innovation means turning bold ideas into reality. It also means changing lives for the better. This is what keeps us awake at night and gets us out of bed in the morning.

Startup Olé

Startup Olé is one of the biggest tech-entrepreneurial events in Europe. The support of the European Commission-Startup Europe, the Central American Integration System (SICA), the University of Salamanca and Salamanca City Councyl and the fact that it is a free conference have turned Startup Olé into a benchmark event and a driver of the democratization of the international tech-entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Startup Europe News

Startup Europe news is a collaborative Media Alliance contributing to the objective of the European Commission to develop strong local entrepreneurial leadership, cultivate adequate resources and strengthen connections and partnerships among European Startups, businesses, artists, and community leaders. Under one single channel of communication online www.startupeuropenews.eu we aim to create skilled and connect European entrepreneurs with information to build a robust ecosystem for next generations. So entrepreneurs do not have to be ‘in IT’ to start a driven startup. With a special focus in SEN Woman, one of the pillars structured exclusively to help women Entrepreneurs of all races, cultures, and backgrounds in Europe to achieve these goals and that serves to promote and give visibility to women on Startup Media channels.